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Outer Space Notebooking Pages

Outer Space Notebooking Pages

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Unleash your child's learning and creative writing potential with Outer Space notebooking pages!

From science, language arts, to world history, and more, these Outer Space notebooking pages printables are perfect for homeschoolers of all ages to use as a no-brainer, D.I.Y. homeschool curriculum. 

These easy-to-use printables make it easy for homeschoolers to master their topic of choice, with self-guided homeschool notebooking pages.

Our carefully crafted notebooking pages are beautifully designed and provide a student-led approach to learning that is both educational and an effective way to learn.


The process is easy, with these notebooking pages for homeschool. 

  1. Choose a few books on Outer Space (living books are the best) from the library or at home on the said topic, and then read the books together or your child can read alone.
  2. Print out a few notebooking pages and let your child write down (written narration) whatever they learned from the books, on the pages.
  3. That's it! BOOM! Your child just completed multiple subjects in one! (Think— history, science, language arts… and possibly others!)


Charlotte Mason put an emphasis on having children narrate what they learned. This can be done verbally, or they can write it down (written narration), which is why printable notebooking page templates are amazing. 

Your child is literally narrating what THEY grasped, all while, practicing their handwriting and language arts skills.

The amazing thing about notebooking worksheets, is that with using in conjunction with beautiful, living books…. notebooking pages make an awesome, no pre-planning homeschool curriculum for us, the busy homeschooling mom.  

You can use notebooking pages along with unit studies, or as a stand alone learning method, PLUS, it's a great way to encourage creative writing.



  1. Elementary school ages-  For kids who aren't writing yet, you can have them do dictation (tell you what to write down for them), and then the child can just draw a picture “narration”on the notebooking pages. There are also wide lined spaces on the notebooking pages for the younger children who are still practicing with their letter formations.
  2. Middle ages- Middle school children can also use these notebooking pages with ease.
  3. High school students-  Yes, even in older students in high school can use notebooking pages. There are smaller lines for the older aged students to use and they can write down as much information as they want.



  1. 27 Outer Space notebooking page printables (8.5" x 11" paper size)
  2. Beautiful images for each notebooking topic.
  3. Instant Digital Download (use for all of your homeschooling children!)

PLEASE NOTE: These notebooking pages are designed for you to use for personal home use only. You may NOT use these notebooking printables for schools, co-ops, to sell or distribute to others outside of your home.


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