Embrace every moment in your homeschool.

“There is nothing more natural to a mother’s heart than to look after the needs of her own children, to preserve their childhoods, and to give them the chance to be who they were made to be. ” —Ainsley Arment

Meet Cherelle

The face and heart behind the passion.

I’m a farm-loving, extroverted mama to three wonderful kiddos, and one who’s deeply immersed in eclectic homeschooling. 

I’m passionate about helping busy moms not just survive, but thrive in their homeschooling journey by teaching them how they can enrich their homeschools with a simplified, yet, eclectically abundant feast of learning opportunities.

Let me help support you on your adventure with our curriculum, The Simplified Feast™

  • 01. Abundance

    I believe in offering our children a rich feast of education and ideas. Homeschooling is about nourishing their minds with a diverse array of subjects and experiences, and fostering a lifelong love for learning. Truth be told, at the end of the day, I want them to have more experiences, than book knowledge.

  • 02. Eclectic

    Eclectic homeschooling is my passion because it allows me to craft an education for my children that will tailor to their many needs and interests. From hands-on projects, to sparking their imagination with living literature, art + music, it's a journey filled with endless opportunities to learn.

  • 03. Simplicity

    What's amazing, is that I've discovered I can provide all of this in our homeschool using simple approaches that don't stress us out, involve tedious busywork, or rely on countless hours in the day. We truly can have rich, abundant learning, made simple.

Snap your fingers because here it is!


The Simplified Feast™

What's Inside:

Over 15+ diverse subjects in each volume

Wave goodbye to juggling multiple curricula. With The Simplified Feast, your homeschool gets a full spread, all in one curriculum. 

The Simplified Feast volumes include an extensive array of subjects such as scripture memorization, composer and hymn study, artist and picture study, poetry, writing activities, history, home economics, geography, science, handicrafts, tea time, nature study, and more – all within a single, open-and-go curriculum. Long gone are the days of just getting through the basics each day!

No teacher's manual or extensive prep need

No extensive prep needed, just print out your papers, gather very minimal supplies and open and go.

3-4 hours of learning daily and only 4 days a week

Each day has 8 learning blocks (pssst... one block is a break and another block is the tea-time block) and you can accomplish your day's worth of homeschooling with all of your kiddos grades K-8 in about 3-4 hours each day and only 4 days a week!

An open and go, simple to use curriculum for grades K-8

Every day is completely laid out for you so you don't have to even think about it, just simply open, read or instruct and you're off to the races! No more overwhelming preparations or lengthy teacher's manuals. Each day is meticulously laid out, offering 8 manageable learning blocks that cover a variety of subjects, including designated break and tea-time blocks. Spend approximately 3-4 hours a day to complete a day's worth of engaging homeschooling with all your children in grades K-8. 

What mamas are saying...

"This is the most beautiful, subject inclusive curriculum I've found. Cherelle has done a fantastic job of including an attractive spread of Charlotte Mason style subjects in bites easily consumed by the average child. My children have thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum, and we look forward to the next release. Cherelle, please keep doing what you are doing."

"My son and I are new to homeschool (just starting kindergarten) and have been wading through all of the curriculums only to end up a bit disappointed until we found this. It is structured in a way that is restful yet engaging. Every day has something new to enjoy and the variety has been wonderful. We've enjoyed the arts woven in with rich classical music and poetry as well as picture study and story narration."

"Thank you so much Cherelle, for all that you do! My kids absolutely loved your Thanksgiving Unit!! It is the first time that both of them participated and enjoyed the work for 3 weeks…no tears, no fits, no defiance. It's an absolute miracle! This curriculum is laid out perfectly."