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The Simplified Feast: Ancient Rome (Volume 4)

The Simplified Feast: Ancient Rome (Volume 4)

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✨A 6-week enriching + eclectic family-style homeschool curriculum that spreads an abundant feast of education, simply!

Welcome to The Simplified Feast: Ancient Rome (Volume 4), where learning becomes a joyous adventure for children in grades K-8!

This unit is chock full of goodness and brimming with subjects and activities carefully curated to spark curiosity and nurture a love for learning.

Your child will be exploring the Attributes of God through engaging and simple Bible devotion lessons, memorizing scripture, and listening to worship music.

They'll be immersed in the world of art with the famous artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and enjoy working with clay during the handicraft block.

You will be taking a journey back in time to Ancient Rome through simple, yet, captivating history, geography, and social studies lessons. 

In the science block, you will be learning all about the ways that sugar affects our bodies, and in the health block, you'll dive into healthy eating and learn about all the food groups.

The Simplified Feast is a holistic and diverse learning experience that brings families closer together while igniting a lifelong love for knowledge.

Come and embrace the simplicity and abundance of education with The Simplified Feast: Ancient Rome (Volume 4)!



  1. 6 weeks (24 Lessons)
  2. 222 pages (8.5" x 11" paper size)
  3. Instant Digital PDF Download 



Bible Devotion Lessons - Attributes of God

Scripture Memorization - Old and New Testament Verses (KJV + NIV)

Composer Study - Johann Sebastian Bach

Worship Songs - Various Beautiful Songs

Artist + Picture Study - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Copywork - George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior

Dictation - (from copywork passages)

History - Ancient Rome

Geography - Ancient Rome

Social Studies - Ancient Rome

Science - Sugar's Effect on Our Bodies

Tea Time - w/ Ancient Rome themed read aloud

Nature Study - Various Outdoor Activities

Art - Watercoloring Tutorials

Character Building - Aesop's Fables



1. Eclectic Learning: Our curriculum embraces a holistic approach, combining various educational philosophies and subjects to create a dynamic learning experience for your children in a simplified manner.

2. Family-Style Education:  Have kids in different grades? No worries! The Simplified Feast caters to grades K-8, making it the ultimate family-style curriculum, while learning becomes a shared experience with your children. Imagine the joy of learning and growing together, without feeling like you're being spread too thin from bouncing around from child to child.

3. Engaging Lessons: Say goodbye to dull textbooks! Our 24 lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, sparking curiosity and encouraging active participation from the youngest, to the oldest.

4. Simplified Approach to Learning and Teaching: No extensive prep needed, just print out your papers, gather very minimal supplies and open and go. Each day has 8 learning blocks (pssst... one block is a break and another block is the tea-time block) and you can accomplish your day's worth of homeschooling with all of your kiddos grades K-8 in about 3-4 hours each day and only 4 days a week! Every day is completely laid out for you so you don't have to even think about it, just simply open, read or instruct and you're off to the races!

5. Over 15 Subjects in One Curriculum: Wave goodbye to juggling multiple curricula. With The Simplified Feast, your homeschool gets a full spread, all in one curriculum. 

Say goodbye to the days of monotonous textbooks and uninspiring lessons. The Simplified Feast includes an extensive array of subjects such as scripture memorization, composer and hymn study, artist and picture study, poetry, writing activities, history, home economics, geography, science, handicrafts, tea time, nature study, and more – all within a single, open-and-go curriculum. Long gone are the days of just getting through the basics each day!

6. Less Prep, More Fun: No more overwhelming preparations or lengthy teacher's manuals. Each day is meticulously laid out, offering 8 manageable learning blocks that cover a variety of subjects, including designated break and tea-time blocks. Spend approximately 3-4 hours a day to complete a day's worth of engaging homeschooling with all your children in grades K-8. 


  1. 6 weeks (24 Lessons)
  2. 222 pages (8.5" x 11" paper size)
  3. Instant Digital PDF Download 

Please note: The Simplified Feast is designed for you to use for personal home use only. You may not use The Simplified Feast for schools or co-ops, or to sell or distribute to others.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beth Bristol
Robust and Beautiful

Among the many curricula I've encountered, few have captivated me as profoundly as this one. Its name is fitting, as it offers a delightful blend of enrichment and beauty, all while providing a harmonious balance of simplicity and structure to your day. It seamlessly integrates core subjects and more, making it an absolute joy to discover.

Teressa Thiessen
Beautiful curriculum

Love the layout, the structure and the flexibility of it.