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The Simplified Feast: Christmas

The Simplified Feast: Christmas

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an enriching Advent-style experience with our NEW + EXCITING layout for this special unit. 

Join us on this special journey, where each day is filled with simple yet engaging lessons and creating beautiful memories along the way. The Simplified Feast: Christmas is a delightful, eclectic and Charlotte Mason-inspired Christmas unit designed for grades K-8 and crafted for the entire family.


This special Christmas unit includes 24 simple lessons to be completed that you will start on December 1st, and continue all the way until Christmas Eve.

✨ Flexibility is at the heart of our new layout for The Simplified Feast: Christmas—You'll only spend just 1-1.5 hours a day on these simple yet enriching lessons, offering a perfect blend of education and festive joy.


 You can complete the day's lessons at anytime each day, making it a seamless fit for your family. Choose the morning for a cozy start, or you involve your husband in the evening for some night time homeschool sessions.With The Simplified Feast: Christmas, it offers you the gift of time, connection, and joyful learning during the Christmas season.


✨ Imagine, a December where, instead of weeks of schooling followed by a brief Christmas break, you enjoy just about an hour of lessons each day, granting you the freedom to savor the festive spirit throughout the entire month. It's almost like a month-long break in my opinion, and a delightful balance of learning and leisure during the holidays. 😊




  1. 24 lessons of family-style learning (to be completed December 1st-December 24th as an Advent style unit)
  2. 112 pages (8.5" x 11" paper size)
  3. Instant Digital PDF Download 



1. Eclectic Learning: Our curriculum embraces a holistic approach, combining various educational philosophies and subjects to create a dynamic learning experience for your children in a simplified manner.

2. Family-Style Education:  Have kids in different grades? No worries! The Simplified Feast caters to grades K-8, making it the ultimate family-style curriculum, while learning becomes a shared experience with your children. Imagine the joy of learning and growing together, without feeling like you're being spread too thin from bouncing around from child to child.

3. Engaging Lessons: Say goodbye to dull textbooks! Our 24 lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, sparking curiosity and encouraging active participation from the youngest, to the oldest.

4. Simplified Approach to Learning and Teaching: No extensive prep needed, just print out your papers, gather very minimal supplies and open and go. Every day is completely laid out for you so you don't have to even think about it, just simply open, read or instruct and you're off to the races!

5. Over 12 Subjects in One Curriculum: Wave goodbye to juggling multiple curricula. With The Simplified Feast, your homeschool gets a full spread, all in one curriculum. 

Say goodbye to the days of monotonous textbooks and uninspiring lessons. The Simplified Feast: Christmas includes an extensive array of subjects such as scripture memorization, picture study, poetry, history, home economics, geography, science, handicrafts, spelling, copywork, and more – all within a single, open-and-go curriculum. Long gone are the days of just getting through the basics each day!

6. Less Prep, More Fun: No more overwhelming preparations or lengthy teacher's manuals. Each day is meticulously laid out, offering manageable learning blocks that cover a variety of subjects.



Scripture Memorization - Old and New Testament Verses (KJV)

Drawing Lessons - Christmas-inspired

Picture Study - Christmas and winter themed pictures

Poetry - Various poems about Christmas and the birth of Christ

Copywork - Bible verses and quotes from rich literature

Creative Story Writing - Story starter prompts

History - Christmas traditions around the world

Geography - Christmas traditions around the world

Social Studies - Christmas traditions around the world

Science - Simple science experiments and lessons about snow and polar animals

Home Economics - Basic Kitchen skills

Read Aloud - Jotham's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide

Spelling - Christmas-inspired spelling words

Handicrafts - Present wrapping, snowflake making and more

Art - Christmas and winter-themed projects

...and more!




Please note: The Simplified Feast: Christmas is designed for you to use for personal home use only. You may not use The Simplified Feast for schools or co-ops, or to sell or distribute to others.

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